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Disney's Frozen 2 Collection

We are so excited to introduce our first ever Disney collaboration: our magical new Frozen 2 collection! To celebrate the release of Frozen 2, Smiggle has partnered with Disney to bring you this exclusive and limited edition Frozen 2 collection.

All exclusively designed and created by Smiggle, for all you Smigglers out there, the collection is inspired by Elsa and Anna and features special fabric, exclusive character prints and so much more; the Journey starts at Smiggle!

There's snow place like Smiggle for Frozen 2! The magical Elsa Collection, inspired by Elsa of course, features shades of blue, glitter, snowflake detail and iridescent fabric. The lovely Smiggle Elsa Backpack features water and ice inspired iridescent fabric, tactile braided faux hair, scented silicone zip pulls and more! With this sparkly and tactile backpack the kids are bound to be the envy of all their friends. You'll also spot a new character from the Frozen 2 movie, Nokk the mythical horse water spirit!

Inspired by Anna, the Anna Collection features shades of magenta, glitter, leaf detail and gold fabric. The range features beautiful autumn scenes from the new Frozen 2 movie being released this November! Believe in the Journey at Smiggle!

Shop our new Frozen 2 Collection online at Smiggle now.