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Away Spy Marker
Away Spy Marker
+ 4 colours
Away Spy Marker
Away Spy Marker
+ 4 colours
Away Spy Marker
Away Spy Marker
+ 4 colours
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Pens & Pencils For Kids

Pack their pencil case with the coolest kid’s pens and kids pencils from Smiggle. From gel pens to colour pencils and scented rainbow pencils to novelty pen and pencil packs, whatever they’re using, write on!

With Smiggle's colourful pens range, you’ll find pens with loads of character, such as pens with silicon animals or fluffy balls on top. They won’t be able to resist the cutest pens ever–we have pens with glitter, rainbow pens with eight ink colours, pen packs and more!

Let them stand out in the classroom with super fun kid’s novelty pens and pencils from Smiggle. It’s easy to get lost in the mystery and excitement of novelty pens, including intriguing picks like fluffy pens, animal designs and invisible ink.

It doesn’t get any more fun than this–grab them a spy pen. The spy marker pen is part pen and part invisible marker, revealed by the magic light of the spy torch! Perfect for writing down secret codes that mustn’t fall into the wrong hands!

Smiggle sells pencils online that make writing so much fun, with stellar picks like colour change pencils and mechanical pencils! Mechanical pencils provide a sharper edge for that precision grey lead writing and drawing. Scented HB pencils with interchangeable scented eraser toppers come in a variety of fun and creative scents. Explore the range to find your favourite smell

And, why limit them to writing with just one pencil colour? With a rainbow pencil, they’ll use all the colours of the rainbow with the swirl of their rainbow coloured lead. Scented pencils and rainbow coloured pencils are crowd favourites that’re sure to remain as popular as ever!

There are also plenty of fabulous pen and pencil packs to choose from like gel pens, markers, scented pencils, colour-change pencils and more! Get the best of both worlds with a pen and pencil pack–it will hold everything you need for designing and colouring on the go–it’s the perfect travel kit!

Who says writing can't be fun? With Smiggle's colourful pens and pencils collection, they’ll never want to put their pens or pencils down!

Whenever you're wondering where to buy pencils, look no further than Smiggle! Get them writing, scribbling and drawing with our amazing range!