Squishies & Squeezemees


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Squishies & Squeezemees

It’s time to get up close and cuddly with your Squishies and Squeezemees Australia! I hope you’re feeling squeezey, because there are multitudes of different cute characters to collect and they all love to be squeezed. Made from slow rising foam, the adorable squishys animal friends, are great to play with and so much fun to squeeze!

Everybody loves Smiggles Squishies and of course Squeezemees are a huge hit too! They are super soft and smell great! Plus, there are tonnes to collect and they are just asking to be squeezed and played with.

It’s never too late to start collecting our super dooper range of collectables including Squishies and Squeezemees. Collect the set!

Pick a new friend online now and get squishing with Smiggle collectables!